Change Log

Currently Beta Testing v 3..0 - More details

Aug 16, 2019

V 2.9.9

Bug fixes:

  • Displaying sidelined events from synced calendar is fixed.
  • Sometimes, irrelevant date was filled in the recurrence window despite that the end date is disabled.
  • Corrected the help message for the backlog status.
  • After completion of a project, if the list was refreshed, the project was shown as incomplete.
  • Duplicating Asana Tasks - don't show Asana icon and link for the duplicated item.
  • Tag filter showed archived tasks.
  • Support 1hr & 0.5h as duration format
  • Fixed two tool-tips in Time Map component

Mar 20, 2019

V 2.9.8

  • Support added for the new mobile feature Curate Your Day. Learn More

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug related to Periodic type of recurring tasks is fixed.

Mar 7, 2019

V 2.9.7

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug related to Periodic type of recurring tasks is fixed.
  • Event end times on calendar sometimes showed a minute earlier; fixed.
  • Fixed app crash on adding tasks with pressing Enter in the task snippets
  • Fixed a bug related to 'View Conflicting Tasks' in sequential projects

Feb 3, 2019

V 2.9.6

New Features:

  • Referral Program: Invite your friends to SkedPal, and you'll both get 10% off. See here for more details.

Bug Fixes:

  • Some bugs related to the sync process have been fixed.
  • Improved memory management to avoid app crashes
  • Some Mac related crashes are now fixed.

Dec 10, 2018

V 2.9.5

New Features:

  • Now you can sync your Apple iCloud calendar with SkedPal. You can keep your existing calendars while adding new accounts.

Bug Fixes:

  • A bug related to re-ordering parent tasks was fixed.

Nov 28, 2018

V 2.9.4

Bug Fixes:

  • A bug causing sync issues in certain scenarios has been fixed.

Nov 18, 2018

V 2.9.3

Bug Fixes:

  • A bug causing sync issues when a device was out of sync for a long time.

Oct 27, 2018

V 2.9.2

Bug Fixes:

  • A bug causing app crash in deleting tasks from sequential project
  • Wrong unscheduled event for a task that has a due date in the past and status is unavailable
  • Repeat every x months form bug
  • Project Color Picker in the Right Pane does not open (using the triangle on the right)
  • The Later group in the Focus filter - now it includes items starting after two weeks.
  • If you turn off the focus flag of a project from the right pane, (or remove its due date), the project snippet does not get updated.
  • For the cherry-picking process, if a task has no focus, but it was previously scheduled (scheduled [edited]) status, turning on the focus again means it's a new item added to focus, and it should appear in the new item section of the focus filter.
  • Crash in clicking the link to a parent task
  • Crash in adding a new task by pressing enter key in snippets
  • Crash Unexpected change exception at rich text component for title and note field
  • Crash while skipping a series (of a recurring task)
  • When the app opens after a long time, the Today list requires a refresh

Sep 4, 2018

New Features:

  • Support added to connect multiple calendar accounts (Google and Office 365). This enables people with different calendars for work and personal to see both calendars in SkedPal
  • Microsoft Graph integration to enable a much-improved Office 365 calendar connection.


Jun 17, 2018

New Features:

  • New option for sequential projects and sub-tasks: the ability to schedule tasks one at a time, or collectively in sequence.
  • Tasks in sequence will not get hot (unscheduled) because a preceding task cannot be scheduled.
  • Improved date picker functionality: Ability to type a date, smarter start date selection, and more.
  • Improved explanation details for unscheduled tasks.
  • Improved left pane text and graphics.
  • Support added for SOCKS proxy servers.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed full sync issue: sometimes did not consider some local offline changes.
  • Fixed real time sync not working properly at times.
  • Fixed deleting plan bug for recurring tasks.
  • Fixed rare crash issues when setting focus.
  • Fixed issue in removing fixed plan of small tasks.
  • Fixed resetting completion time when task complete is undone.
  • Fixed archived projects getting hot
  • Fixed a crash issue in drag and drop
  • Fixed tag white background color
  • Fixed issue preventing projects to become sequential because of expired tasks.
  • Fixed parent tasks appearing as hot in the calendar.
  • Fixed a bug in shift+click multi-select.
  • Fixed Today button in the calendar view not changing after a time lapse to the next day.
  • Fixed wrong count of tasks shown in the project snippets in the left pane.
  • Fixed Time Map show tasks bug.
  • Fixed Asana and Evernote icon display logic in the right pane.
  • Fixed crash issues when switching between calendar and time maps.
  • Fixed Mac app hide shortcut wrongly showing about page.
  • Fixed the default app color to logo color.
  • Fixed persisting the maximized window when re-opening the app.
  • Fixed crash issues related to touchpads.
  • Fixed a bug related to loss of task dependencies when removing the middle occurrence of a chain.
  • Fixed the bug allowing tasks to be saved without a title.
  • Fixed a bug related to the estimated completion time of tasks.


Mar 18, 2018

New Features:

  • Task list is now available for filtering and export to Excel in settings.
  • Sub-tasks now show their parent task title in the task snippet.

Bug Fixes:

  • Automatic 'plan' comments on Asana tasks were sometimes duplicated.
  • Remove the misaligned borders for the tags inside the snippets
  • Left Pane Bug: Clicking on the current task list view from Calendar View does not work
  • The recurring task on hold: Re-generate process creates new active occurrences.
  • Bug in sync operation (ConcurrentModificationException in syncing projects)
  • Give a toast message after skip hot sessions
  • Tasks with FOCUS ON and no end date nor due date are considered as Hot tasks when the status is missed plan.
  • Moving a project from area to another and then deleting the first area is buggy
  • When a parent task is collapsed and "Enter" is pressed, instead of creating a child task, create a new task in the main task list, right below the parent.
  • Change Sort of completed task to DESC by completion time


Feb 21, 2018

New Features:

  • Integration with Asana. Learn more.
  • Integration with Zapier. Learn more.
  • Customizable Keyboard shortcuts. Now, use the desktop app menu to see the list of keyboard shortcuts, and customize them as you like.
  • When a sequential project or a super task is unscheduled because it's waiting for an on-hold item, a new icon appears to indicate this waiting-for status.
  • Calendar events now have a new context menu: Skip if the event pertains to a recurring task.
  • A new filter is added for high priority flag

Bug fixes:

  • Tasks with fixed time appeared as someday in the filter.
  • Time Map error when using Plan For where there was no default time map.
  • Invalid sequence of tasks when moving tasks between sequential project and a non-seq project.
  • Duplicating projects created some erogenous tasks.
  • Disable collapsing of project headers.
  • Focus filter project sorting is not right
  • The login stage jumps pixels when it loads
  • Sometimes dependency/sequence of tasks are lost
  • Error for "No Space Left on Device" could not be shown
  • Add a down arrow next to profile image to indicate dropdown
  • Bug in checking conflicts in plans of dependent tasks
  • In search filter, when refresh is pressed, the search bar becomes hidden.
  • When Main list is empty (e.g. search result is empty), main top actions could not be clicked.
  • Ctl+Shift+A In Mac did not get focus.
  • In Full Sync, sometimes tasks are not cleared from hot sections in Today/Next 7 Days views
  • Potential bug when sync fails
  • When doing Full Sync, settings menu item is disabled.
  • Disable auto-hide when setting custom plan. only Save and back should work.
  • When deleting from calendar events, delete the Task instead of the event
  • Overdue status is HOT only when task has some due date in its properties.
  • In project snippets, Normal priority flag should be hidden after mouse exit the snippet.
  • Crash in deferring some events from calendar
  • Pressing F1/Shift+Command+? should open Help page
  • The someday filter includes tasks/items that inherit plan (e.g. Next Week)
  • Past Recurring tasks with End-After-A-Date option prevent making sequential projects
  • App could not parse durations like ":45"
  • Delete super task events before turning into SUPER task type
  • Clicking on Today and Next 7 Days did not refresh the list if app was running overnight.

V2.7  (Official Launch)

Jan 4 2018

New Features:

  • New Sign up process and link to online guided tour

Bug Fixes:

  • Changing views caused the hidden Left Pane to be opened without user intention.
  • Do data recovery when mark complete all series fails due to missing the parent task.
  • The child task does not visually move to the new parent.
  • Bugs related to adding sub-tasks in sequential projects
  • Enable delete for Google/Office 365 events on SkedPal calendar.
  • Handling small-duration appointments from Google/Office 365 with respect to SkedPal granularity.
  • Scroll to the event when VIEW ON CALENDAR is clicked and show an animation effect
  • "Plan for" font size is small in Project right pane.

V2.6  (Beta)

Nov 15 2017

New Features:

  • New type of repeating tasks for goals and habits. You can now set a task to repeat, say, 3 times a week without having to specify which days. You can also set a task to repeat multiple times in a day too.
  • Improved left pane. A new Filters view is added where you can find new filters such as all tasks in backlog, or on hold. In addition, more space is provided to the list of projects by moving all filters under the same group of filters.
  • More improvements in the left pane. The state of collapse or expand of areas is now retained after you close and restart the app.
  • Supporting natural language entries for recurring tasks. See help files.
  • Desktop notification are activated for fixed events. If you pin a task, or if you add a fixed event to your SkedPal calendar, you’ll get a desktop notification 5 minutes before the start time.
  • Hot list is improved to show only one session of a hot recurring task. You can always use show all sessions to see them all in a separate view.
  • Update Schedule process is now faster.
  • Improvements in the scheduling algorithm for long tasks.

Bug Fixes:

  • The sequential projects or sub-tasks sometimes got scheduled out of sequence.
  • Task list gets scrolled when a Project has a long title and is HOT and right pane is opened.
  • UPDATE SCHEDULE in Tag filter causes adding all of the tasks to the list
  • When a push message changes the order of tasks, the list is not updated. You have to manually click on refresh to see changes.
  • Updating Schedule from another device does not remove old events from Today or Next 7 Days. You have to manually click on refresh to see changes.
  • A task with empty title should not accept mark complete. Give alert
  • Partial complete should not be shown for SUPER tasks
  • When moving completed events in the calendar don’t pin them.
  • Several occurrences of the task appear in the search result after updating title of a recurring task.
  • Delete DB file in cases of database failure
  • Check Connection fails in Proxy Settings dialog even with correct data
  • The right pane for unscheduled task’s event is not shown in some scenarios.
  • After removing due date from a project, and removing the focus from its tasks, it warns about the due date
  • When I have an all-day hot event and I change the plan of the task, delete the all-day hot event
  • Crash while moving up a task in the list.
  • Changing the menu text from Move Left & Move Right to Make Parent Task and Make Sub-task
  • Calendar is not readable when the number of unscheduled tasks is big
  • Add Task styling problem while scrolling or deleting a task above it.
  • Menu items are not working in Manual Scheduling Mode
  • In Manual Scheduling Mode, show the end date when the end date is different from today
  • Context Menu is not showing if you request it for the more than one time.
  • Use “No title” for dynamic events when task title is null or empty
  • Pressing action button in the notification windows, does not bring the stage to front.
  • Invalid events might be generated, if you press UPDATE SCHEDULE immediately after changing a recurring task.
  • Tutorial project is not shown after sign up
  • Parent task is not in db for recurring patterns in some rare conditions

V2.5.4 (Beta)

Sep 25 2017

  • Fixed a bug related to Google authentication/sign in. This bug was introduced in version 2.5.3.

V2.5.3 (Beta)

Sep 24 2017

  • Fixed a bug in Windows version where app did not start/open.
  • Fixed a bug related to UPDATE SCHEDULE taking too long to finish.
  • Fixed a bug in the Notes section related to some URI’s not opening.
  • Fixed a bug in deleting completed tasks.

V2.5.2 (Beta)

Sep 14 2017

  • Important bug fixes mostly related to sync process.

V2.5.1 (Beta)

Aug 28 2017

  • A few bug fixes

V2.5 (Beta)

Aug 27 2017 (See blog post summarizing the key new features)

  • New Keyboard shortcuts are added
  • Buffer can now be added to the schedule.
  • Improved focus filter groups items by time frame.
  • New filter shows all recurring tasks.
  • Tasks that can’t be scheduled automatically are shown on calendar for manual scheduling.
  • All-day busy events have an improved visibility.
  • Recurring tasks have a shared note. No need to replicate note any more.
  • Recurring tasks have an improved title indicating the session date/period.
  • Google calendar appointments keep their original colors on SkedPal calendar.
  • More colors to choose for projects, tags, and Time Maps.
  • Long tasks and task with sub-tasks show the remaining duration vs total duration.
  • Long tasks can be partially completed.
  • Fixed events from Google/Exchange can now be completed on calendar.
  • Completed tasks or fixed events will remain on SkedPal calendar for 14 days.
  • Fixed events from Google, or Exchange can be sidelined so tasks can schedule over them.
  • Left pane scrolling is improved, and projects show a count of tasks.
  • Minimum Block Length default value can now be set in settings.
  • Default new task duration can now be set in settings.
  • Tasks can be scheduled at fixed time.
  • Proxy settings can now be set (available in the menu options)

V2.4.1 (Beta)

May 23 2017

Bug Fixes:

  • Deleting last occurrence of Periodic pattern, does not generate new occurrence
  • When deferring some hot item and selecting SOMEDAY, nothing happens.
  • Deferring projects to SOMEDAY does not de-schedule the project. It just removes start date.
  • Give warning when deferring recurring tasks to SOMEDAY, give a warning and suggest SKIP action.
  • #798 Check for empty titles of selected tasks in the right pane before each action
  • #818 Unexpected error while showing Streak in some specific scenarios
  • improve application error handler
  • #812 Pressing Enter in Quick add while it is showing project/tag/timemap selector component causes crash
  • #819 Show user friendly message when DB schema is not updated after upgrading to a new version
  • #807 Left pane overlay issue in calendar and time map view
  • #808 Show a toast message after saving a time map
  • #820 Projects is not selectable from ProjectSnippets
  • #822 Bug in deleting skipped task: sometimes the snippets is not removed from Today or Next 7 Days
  • #829 Unexpected error during Exchange calendar setup
  • #832 Alignment of Event image in center pane adjusted
  • Scroll to the default timezone in the list of timezones on sign up page
  • #830 Retry loading profile image if it fails at first try
  • #836 Clicking on Project title link does not take user to project view

V2.4 (Beta)

May 13, 2017

New Features:

  • Faster task capture by adding task scheduling details to the title. (e.g. Call John 5 mins on Fri) (see details here)
  • Ability to forward emails to your SkedPal email address and specify the scheduling details.
  • Quick Add hot key (Ctl-Shift-A) can now be invoked from anywhere.
  • Completed Tasks View will now enable you to see what you have completed in the last 7 days.
  • Streak report, and ability to skip a session in repeating tasks.
  • Ability to see all sessions of a repeating task in the center pane.
  • Calendar tasks color are now the same as the project color.
  • The completion time, or estimated completion time of tasks can now be seen in the task status pop up screen.
  • Google calendar events on the calendar are now linked to Google appointments. Use the RIGHT BOX to get access to your Google appointment.
  • Linux Version of SkedPal is now available – Debian based Linux Operating Systems (e.g. Ubuntu, Mint,…)

Bug Fixes:

  • The bug leading to missing projects in some devices.
  • The bug leading to completed or changed tasks reverting to old status.
  • Prevent null pointer when adding from Quick Add
  • Show appropriate messages, when Exchange credentials are not correct
  • #690 Crash happens when user does not enter exchange credentials and press connect
  • #688 In Plan For pop up menu, select ‘Someday’, but the focus is not set.
  • #653 If I pin a task after its plan end date, remove the plan and give a toast message.
  • #708 Adding a manual event in Calendar at 11:30 PM is buggy
  • #707 Give warning when user wants to repeat a sub-task or super task
  • #705 Search performance is improved. Also the result size is limited to 50
  • #693 PUT_ON_HOLD multiple design reviewed and also fixed: Putting a daily task on hold does not show the effect
  • #659 Putting Super task On hold does not prevent sub tasks being scheduled.
  • #714 Loading user profile image in Setting dialog slows opening the dialog
  • #698 Before Google Sign In, give a warning
  • #682 Edit a task in agenda scheduled for tomorrow, and change its time frame to today. Now, the task is seen in both today and tomorrow in agenda.
  • allow dragging Tasks in Today or Next 7 Days view over other tasks
  • some bugs in App Updater dialog are resolved
  • #716 The Sync icon gets stuck at times (and UPDATE SCHEDULE stays disabled)
  • #664 if you click off the newly created task without adding any text/other information, you have to manually delete the task. It would be helpful if it could recognise that the task has no information and delete it for you.
  • #685 If the application is minimized, and version update is activated, the app freezes.
  • #666 Task Snippet Context menu shows menu items with strikethrough if the task is complete
  • #663 When one is scrolled, for example, to the bottom of time maps and begin to paint on, the Time Map moves back to the middle of the day which is awkward.
  • #713 Unexpected error when selecting with Shift-Click in a specific scenario
  • Inconsistency in occurrence hot status: If [x] ignored, it won’t show in hot list, but status is still hot.
  • #732 Small tasks are not bundled when the duration is set via task snippet
  • #730 Small task filter (double click on calendar event) in the center pane does not allow deleting the task
  • #739 Clicking on the Status of a Scheduled Task is confusing
  • #740 Prevent saving invalid Exchange credentials
  • Warn Exchange users, when their password is not valid anymore.
  • Many other improvements in stability and performance of the application
  • #759 NPE while setting some boolean expression in Sync service
  • #752 Don’t show recurring tasks in the NEW section of Focus filter, they belong to Repeating section
  • #767 Changing project of recurring tasks does not work properly
  • #755 “Task does not exist for the event” exception after deleting multiple tasks from Today view
  • #753 Force quit application and signout user, when some persistence exception is thrown
  • #760 disable user interaction before data is loaded for the first time
  • #762 Long project titles are not handled properly on snippets

V2.3.4 (Beta)


Bug Fixes:

  • M.S. Exchange sync bugs leading to duplicate events on SkedPal calendar.
  • The default Minimum Block Length (2 hrs) is now displayed in the field.
  • Completed occurrences of repeating tasks were shown in the project at times.
  • Drag & Drop of projects between areas in Mac did not properly work.
  • Adding tasks in empty sequential projects did not work.
  • Bugs related to setting the first day of the week on the calendar.

V2.3.3 (Beta)


Bug Fixes:

  • Error when duplicating sequential projects
  • Sync issues related to recurring tasks
  • Errors while setting up Google calendar
  • Sync issues when multiple devices are used and in poor internet connections
  • Time Map displays while setting up recurring tasks
  • Periodic tasks that missed the plan do not show in lists
  • Search function hangs at times
  • The Save changes pop up in Time Map list does not actually save changes after you edit your Time Map
  • When adding/removing TimeMap/Tag to/from Recurring tasks is cancelled, TimeMap/Tag is not rolled back in the right pane

V2.3.2 (Beta)


Bug Fixes:

  • Bugs causing system crash have been removed.

V2.3.1 (Beta)


Bug Fixes:

  • Adding a new repeating task with a new Time Map was not working.

V2.3 (Beta)



  • Duplicate a project and avoid re-entering all tasks.
  • Time Map selection UX improvements in the RIGHT BOX.
  • Replicate Notes across all repeating tasks.
  • New duration format to support entries like 90min.
  • Search bar shortcut key is now Ctl(Command)+F.
  • Improved search result sorting by Levenstein Metrics.
  • Ability to Mark Complete a Block on Calendar

Bug Fixes:

  • Sometimes, Google Calendar events are duplicated during sync process.
  • Timezones for Australia, Russia, Denmark, … are corrected
  • When projects become HOT, they are not counted as hot items in rescheduling toast message.
  • The text fields (areas, projects, tasks, time map names, etc) are trimmed to the max length.
  • Scroll to the top when search term is changed
  • When filtering to single project via project title link (e.g. in Focus filter), the project is not selected in the rightpane
  • Right pane is closed when going to the search filter or come back from search
  • X for Removing min block length is shown when it’s inherited
  • When adding a new event on the calendar, the title of the event is not highlighted. It should be highlighted.
  • If you have a recurring task, and you mark complete the current occurrence, the search function cannot find the next occurrence.
  • Currently the Ctrl-Q shortcut for quick task entry is mapped to Cmd-Q on Mac, which is the same shortcut that closes just about every Mac app.
  • Super task becomes HOT while one of it’s sub-tasks is Out of range, So it should not be HOT
  • When application is finished, fast restarting of it, shows a wrong message the app is running.
  • Remove recurrence from calendar and center list has some problems in updating the right pane

V2.2 (Beta)



  • Ability to customize your calendar’s first day of the week. See Settings/Calendar
  • Full visibility of the project names in the left pane.
  • Ability to set the start date in Quick Add entries.
  • Automatic version updater that will notify when a new version is available.
  • Tasks with Evernote links now include Evernote desktop links.
  • Unexpected errors are now handled with user warning.
  • Editing the sequential projects now works faster and better.
  • Small task titles have more space between them.
  • Tasks names on Google calendar now include the project name.

Bug Fixes:

  • Minimum Block Length, once set, could not be removed.
  • Task or project title was constrained by a limited number of characters.
  • Quick Add had multiple bugs.
  • Some projects could not be deleted.
  • Some hypertex URLs in the notes did not open the browser.
  • Recurring tasks had some minor bugs during saving
  • Some sign up bugs related to capturing email addresses.
  • Inbox and Hot List counters did not show at app start up.
  • When updating tasks, the completed tasks jumped sections.
  • Clicking on the super task link in the right pane did not select super task in the center pane.
  • Clicking on the project’s shortcut link in right pane did not select the task in the project view tree
  • After setting a project color, it was not possible to set ‘No color’
  • In a sub-task snippet, pressing the tab key (by mistake) lost the focus in the snippet
  • Mark complete in small task view did not work properly.
  • Notes spell checker had bugs.
  • When setting fixed events on the calendar, the end could not be set equal to the start.
  • Quick Add was appending a tab to the notes section.
  • Sequential projects had some bugs when adding new tasks or sub-tasks