Prioritizing Your Projects and Tasks in SkedPal

SkedPal uses priority and urgency as two distinct factors to produce the best schedule for you.


SkedPal uses a sophisticated algorithm to schedule your tasks based on your priorities, preferences, and urgencies. Use the following guideline to optimize your use of SkedPal:


Avoid Planning Fallacy – It’s a problem faced by anyone who has ever tried to schedule all their tasks in their calendar. Putting them all in the first time is easy, but keeping everything current after a few days, or a few unplanned events, is hard.

SkedPal excels at helping you reschedule everything in just a few seconds. But they are all based on the fact that each scheduled task has an intended completion time.

That’s not a problem for some tasks which have clear due dates. But what about the ones for which you don’t have a specific deadline? The general tendency for many people is to assume they can do it soon. So, assigning a plan to the task sounds reasonable at first. But, the reality is that we all have a tendency to bite more than what we can chew! AVOID ASSIGNING A PLAN TO A TASK AT THE OUTSET UNLESS YOU HAVE A KNOWN DEADLINE.  Use the Weekly Focus Workflow for better results.


Schedule Projects as opposed to Tasks – While SkedPal allows you to define your planning details at project level, AND at task level, try to plan at the project level where possible. This will enable you to quickly and easily defer your plan should you need to do so. These are ad hoc single-action tasks that are not project based. So, it does make sense to plan them individually.

See Setting Up Projects for more details.


Be Mindful of Having Various Planning Periods – Wherever you see priority mentioned in SkedPal, it’s about which task or project wins your calendar spots when there is insufficient space for everyone. So, it’s about competition between your tasks and projects. It’s important to understand this is different from who gets scheduled first. The former depends on priority, and the latter depends on urgency. When you follow the Weekly Focus workflow, all your tasks and projects will have the same urgency: end of the week. But, if you have some items planned by mid-week, and others by end of the week, SkedPal schedules the mid-week items first even if some of the end-of-the-week items have higher priority.


Keep your Areas and Projects in order of importance – It’s important to keep your areas and projects in order of importance. This will help you in two ways:

  • When you follow the Weekly Focus workflow, and all your focus items have the same planning period, your tasks will be scheduled based on the order of areas and projects.
  • When there is insufficient time to schedule all your tasks, the tasks belonging to higher priority areas and projects will win your calendar space.



Use the Priority Flag when you need it – This flag overrides the order of areas and projects. Use it to flag the task or a whole project as absolutely important. When there is insufficient time to schedule everything, these tasks get the highest priority. Use this flag sparingly; otherwise, if everything is important, there is nothing left as un-important!




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