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Usually, it takes about 20 minutes just to get into the flow of things. Therefore, context switching is very costly to your productivity. One technique that helps reduce this inefficiency is called day theming. Day theming basically means batching similar kinds of work together. As an example, you might decide to allocate Mondays to meetings with your team, Tuesdays to focused work on a certain project, etc. Theming can also be done for part of the day. For example, you can decide to theme your Friday afternoons to reviewing your projects and planning the week ahead. It really depends on you and your work requirement to design your ideal week.

Time-maps are the perfect tool to theme your days. So, start thinking about your ideal week, and design two or three time-maps that carve out time for important categories of your work.

As an example, as a freelancer, I might have three major categories of work: Client Projects, Marketing activities, and administrative tasks. As the admin tasks require less focus and energy, I want to allocate the last couple hour of my day to complete my admin tasks. On the other hand, finding new clients, and marketing my brand is something I want to spend more time on. So, I carve out Monday and Wednesday mornings dedicated to my marketing activities. And, the rest of my time is dedicated to my client projects – that’s where the bulk of my time will be spent.

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