Time Maps for Your Goals & Routines

  1. What Are Time Maps?
  2. The Default Time Map and the Project Time Maps
  3. You’re here -> Time Maps for Your Goals & Routines
  4. Time Maps for Your Personal Times
  5. Time Maps for Theming Your Days
  6. Combining Time Maps

For your recurring tasks, you might want to create exclusive time-maps. In other words, a recurring task might need a time-map made just for itself. For example, if you have a goal for your fitness and want to go to the gym three times a week, you probably have some preferred times in mind.  Or, if you would like to schedule some time to meditate, or perhaps take a walk, you have some preferred times during the week for that. So, when you create your recurring task, make sure you create a time-map that best represents your preferred times.

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