Using Buffers

Just because we have designated 40, let’s say, of available hours in time maps, does not mean that we want to schedule them all. It might not be possible at all, given the occurrence of unprecedented issues which leads to tasks taking much longer than anticipated. To solve the problem, we have introduced buffers. These are extra times added to your tasks.

You can define buffers for any or all of your tasks. Now, in the application settings, you can find the following options in the Preferences section:



You can set the buffer as a percentage of hours scheduled, or as a fixed amount of time after each time block. If you want to ensure there is always a break between all your time blocks, use the second option. Otherwise, the percentage is a more appropriate choice.

Turn On/Off: Do not use buffer when my due dates are tight

When your schedule gets too busy, and SkedPal runs out of space on your calendar to schedule your tasks within the planned time frames, it refers to your choice here. If you turn this switch on, SkedPal will kill some or all of your buffer times in order to fill in the tasks. It’s highly recommended not to turn this switch on, and always leave some buffer in your schedule. After all, the buffer is not a luxury, it’s there for all the practical reasons.

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