What are Hot Tasks or Projects?

  1. How’s SkedPal Different From Other Task Management Apps
  2. Planning at Project level vs Task Level
  3. Sequential Projects & Sub-Tasks
  4. How to Set up Recurring (Repeating) Tasks
  5. Viewing Recurring Task Sessions
  6. Scheduling Long Tasks
  7. The 21-Day Scheduling Horizon
  8. Bundling Small Tasks Together
  9. Using the Due Date vs Plan Date
  10. Fixed Time Tasks and Pinning Tasks on Calendar
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  12. The Calendar Heat Map
  13. Finding a Task on the Calendar
  14. Planning Tasks that Can’t Start Before a Date or an Event
  15. Understanding the Focus Feature
  16. Planning for ‘Someday’
  17. Sidelining Fixed Events

After you click on Update Schedule, you may get some hot items. A hot task or project is one that cannot be scheduled for various reasons. So, you’ll need to intervene and rectify the problem before SkedPal can schedule these tasks. A hot task or project is identified by a flame icon. There is also a special filter on the left menu to see a list of all hot items.

Hot tasks that cannot be scheduled within the defined time frame appear at the top of the calendar.

To understand the reason why a task is hot, always click on the status of the task. The task status is visible on the right pane.

An unavailable hot task or project is an indication that you’re trying to schedule too many tasks or projects within a certain time frame. The best way to manage this is to go to the Focus view and review your scheduled projects and tasks. See if you can de-schedule some of these items in order to make space for your new higher priority tasks.

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