The Smart Way to Schedule Your Tasks as Unique as You Are

Intelligent and Automatic Scheduling

SkedPal™ combines the best elements of creativity and structure to optimize your time and productivity. Eliminate manually planning your tasks and let SkedPal™ customize your schedule based on your work habits, commitments, priorities, urgencies, and energy shifts throughout the day.

Dynamic and Fluid Rescheduling

Intelligent and intuitive, SkedPal™ reschedules your day around unavoidable interruptions with just one easy step.

Realistic Time Budgeting

SkedPal™ determines what is feasible and realistic based on your priorities. Reduce overwhelm, overbooking and procrastination by letting SkedPal™ budget your valuable time for you.

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Six Reasons You'll Love SkedPal™

Your personal productivity executive assistant

  • Powerful Prioritizing and Accountability

    Powerful Prioritizing and Accountability

    Never again risk your higher priority items to lesser tasks. Your individualized priority ratings will organically move lower priority tasks to the most appropriate times and provide a realistic assessment of your availability.

  • Automatic Scheduling and Rescheduling

    Automatic Scheduling and Rescheduling

    Automatically schedules according to your work preferences, tasks, meetings and completion status. As tasks and priorities shift, SkedPal™ adjusts your day accordingly, with one-button rescheduling.

  • Manage Recurring Tasks

    Manage Recurring Tasks

    Define your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks and let SkedPal™ find the optimal time for you to get them done! Don't let the un-planned events and interruptions derail your productivity. SkedPal™ will make adjustments for you utilizing intelligent Fuzzy Planning™ technology.

  • Intuitive Time Bucket System

    Intuitive Time Bucket System

    Create your personalized preferences for creativity, administrative and family time. SkedPal™ will automatically work around your settings for the most efficient and effective use of your time.

  • Break Big Tasks into Sub-Tasks

    Break Big Tasks into Sub-Tasks

    Get a better estimate of when you can complete a big task. Use sub-tasks, and let SkedPal™ schedule each sub-task in sequence.

  • Integrated Time Tracking

    Integrated Time Tracking

    With little effort you'll know exactly how your time is spent. You'l be assured it is aligned with your priorities, reducing distractions and easily tracking your time for billable client hours.

About us

The Opportunity

If you are only given $24 each day, you’ll make sure you spend it wisely on what matters most to you and if anything is left it will go towards your next priorities. For many people, the same is true for the 24 hours they get each day. In fact, they value time more than money because you can work hard to make up lost money, but ill-spent time is lost forever.

So how do we effectively manage time? There has been a fair amount of literature, techniques, and solutions such as the legendary Stephen Covey’ Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD), Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog, or Tony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method (RPM), just to name a few. Some of these solutions go back as far as Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century and some are newer, such as Tim Ferris’ The 4-Hour Workweek.

However, when you compare these tools and techniques with what is available to manage money, they are a drop in the bucket. Think of the banking systems; cash flow management, loans, interests, investments, mutual funds and all the tools and systems that support them. Productivity management needs a paradigm shift, with better tools and systems. We need a fresh look at the problem given all the advancement in technology. If Google revolutionized how we gain access to information, can’t a similar technology revolutionize how we manage our time?

Our Thinking

This is the opportunity that has brought the SkedPal team together. We are technology and productivity enthusiasts who believe the world of technology has a lot more potential for offering solutions. Our background ranges from executive roles in blue chip companies to academic Ph.D.’s.

We’re based out of Dubai, a dynamic, and fast growing city. It’s also a city of diversity, and cultural exchange. This cultural diversity has been an inspiration for us to take a fresh look at the time management problem—to marry the eastern ‘Event Time’ with the western ‘Clock Time’. To find a middle ground where we benefit from adherence to the plan, and flexibility to deal with incoming information.

We’ve been passionately working hard to take the first steps in this journey. The product we’re offering you to test-drive today is based on Fuzzy Planning™. Why fuzzy? Because we believe every plan is based on a forecast, which is not meant to be accurate! You need an agile and flexible plan that adjusts itself as circumstances change.

Our Solution

To manage Fuzzy Planning™, we rely on our search engine. Yes, a search engine similar to Google, but we’re putting the ladder of search against a different wall. SkedPal searches through the time dimension. It searches through hundreds, and thousands of tiny time slots to rank them, and find the right match for your tasks…to put what matters to you at the right time and adjust to changes in circumstances and find the best options.

Our Pledge

We’re looking for productivity enthusiasts who want to explore our technology and give us valuable feedback. Are you passionate about productivity? Do you live in your calendar? If yes, join our Beta testers. Our commitment to this project is firm, and our mission is to help knowledge workers shape their time for a better future. Together let’s build better tools for our most precious asset, our time!