Asana Integration

SkedPal integrates seamlessly with Asana. This enables Asana team members to schedule their tasks and confidently deliver them on time before due dates. In addition, SkedPal helps Asana teams to come up with realistic due dates for projects. This is possible when team members first successfully schedule their tasks with sufficient buffer and then confirm the due date for each task.

The following is the list of specific connections between the two apps:

  • Titles, descriptions and due dates syncs both ways.
  • SkedPal syncs only tasks assigned to you in Asana. Assigning or unassigning a task in Asana adds or removes the task from SkedPal.
  • Marking a task complete in either Asana or SkedPal updates both sides.
  • Adding tags to Asana tasks will create the same tags in SkedPal.
  • Changing Asana tags in either side will sync both ways.
  • Adding local SkedPal tags will remain local to SkedPal
  • Multiple Asana projects can sync with a single SkedPal project.
  • You can change SkedPal projects for an Asana task. So multiple SkedPal projects will sync with a single (or, multiple) Asana project.
  • Successfully scheduling a task in SkedPal will create a comment in Asana informing the team about the planned date. Subsequent update_schedule will NOT add duplicate comments.

How to connect your Asana account in SkedPal:

  1. Login to
  2. From the left menu, click on Integration/Asana
  3. Click on CONNECT TO ASANA. You’ll need to authorize Asana to grant access to SkedPal.
  4. After a successful connection, you should now see the list of your workspaces, and projects.  Click on the Workspace dropdown to select the right workspace.
  5. Connect the Asana projects to SkedPal projects.
  6. After a few seconds, you SkedPal desktop or mobile app will be populated with the tasks that are assigned to you in Asana.

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