Planning at Project Level vs Task Level

  1. How’s SkedPal Different From Other Task Management Apps
  2. You’re Here -> Planning at Project level vs Task Level
  3. Sequential Projects & Sub-Tasks
  4. How to Set up Recurring (Repeating) Tasks
  5. Viewing Recurring Task Sessions
  6. Scheduling Long Tasks
  7. The 21-Day Scheduling Horizon
  8. Bundling Small Tasks Together
  9. Using the Due Date vs Plan Date
  10. Fixed Time Tasks and Pinning Tasks on Calendar
  11. What are Hot Tasks and Projects?
  12. The Calendar Heat Map
  13. Finding a Task on the Calendar
  14. Planning Tasks that Can’t Start Before a Date or an Event
  15. Understanding the Focus Feature
  16. Planning for ‘Someday’
  17. Sidelining Fixed Events

Projects are the grouped tasks that should be done either sequentially or in parallel. The tasks grouped in a project usually share a common goal.
When you are planning, you can decide to set a plan for your entire project to complete …or set a plan for the individual tasks within the project.
Let’s look at some examples.
In this project, I have a clear scope and lifetime. The project includes a number of steps that must be completed before I can achieve a pre-defined outcome. In this case, I decided to set the plan FOR THE PROJECT.
When I set the plan FOR THE PROJECT, SkedPal will schedule ALL tasks in the project to complete within the project plan. I don’t need to set a plan for the individual tasks. SkedPal will automatically find the best time to schedule each of the tasks in the project.
Let’s look at a different example now.
Here, I have a loosely related group of tasks that don’t share a common goal with a defined completion. This type of project is more like a container or a folder to group similar single-step tasks.
In this case, I’m going to plan some of the individual tasks.
Notice that in both project types, Time Maps and the Minimum Block Length are passed down from the project to the tasks. You can override these in individual tasks though.

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